In the Field

Learn how agents are leveraging NetLaw to build new business, engage existing customers and provide a trusted estate preservation solution to their clients.

Case Study: Jay Maymi

Survive To Thrive

The Jay Maymi NetLaw Sales approach demonstrates one approach to utilizing the Step6 mobile app and how to start conversations with your clients and prospects. Jay outlines his sales approach and walks through the full process from introduction to close.


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“It’s just basic statistics. Everyone I lock eyes with needs it. The problem is they either don’t know it or don’t have an affordable way to get it. Until Netlaw came along I was frustrated in this one area of estate planning. Now it’s a slam dunk. Netlaw has made Step 6 an easy, affordable way to round out the six critical steps of estate planning. The best part is there is no selling involved! Once my clients see the value they sign up. It’s that simple. But the best part is, I now have a new, valuable tool I can offer to current clients. This opens the door to renewed relationships and ongoing customer service. It’s a win, win.”

Gretchen Ricker

Investment Adviser Representative

” I am a firm believer of family values and the importance of no family left behind. With NetLaw, it allows me to bring awareness to the many families who do not wish to see their own family struggle. It offers simple tools to follow to benefit all clients. I am an advocate of offering the best options for my clients, and NetLaw is one of them!”

Jose Sanchez

Myrna and Michael Bennett’s NetLaw Experience

“Our experience with NetLaw began with the pre-release product announcement at a meeting at Gold Street in Alviso, CA, just before the annual convention.  Within minutes of learning about the product, Myrna and I knew immediately how valuable the NetLaw offering is because we had purchased a Living Trust with advanced directive and general power of attorney a year earlier for thousands of dollars. Myrna contacted 20 of our clients, many of whom are former co-workers and friends, with a simple text-message stating that we have a new product that they need and it costs much less than the traditional Living Trust.  She received 15 replies asking to us to share more about NetLaw and of those, seven purchased the product and four of them joined our team when they learned they could sell it without a license. Because of NetLaw, we were able to achieve 5-7-30 in August at a time when our business was struggling.  In the months prior to the NetLaw release, we were barely able to get 3-3-30 because we had run out of market and were pursuing the cold market.  By simply contacting our warm market, utilizing the client brochure,  and telling our story of our experience purchasing essentially the same product for much more money, we revived our business and continue to prosper thanks to this competitively priced product.

Our mission is to help families.  Most of us understand how we accomplish this with life insurance products, but it’s important to understand that we also accomplish our mission by helping families avoid probate court and plan to deal with difficult circumstances when their loved-ones are incapacitated and unable to act on their own behalf regarding financial and health decisions.  Anyone who spends a little time learning about the NetLaw offering can achieve success, just like we have.  From our perspective, NetLaw is a welcome addition to the WFG family of offerings and we are grateful to the leadership teams who made this happen.”

Of course no sale can start without a question. Mine is simple; “Do you have your estate & health care documents handled?”

Bryan Oleman

Chief Wealth Strategist

Help Your Associates!

“You can easily create NetLaw activity by observing where your associates are in their personal and business lives right now, and teaching them how to begin the NetLaw discussion within that context.  It just requires a little thought and creativity, followed by activity!”


Julie Johnson, Branch Office Manager