Step 6 Web - Now Available!

Agent Landing Page

Send prospects to your personalized NetLaw landing page where leads can watch the video, take the quiz and register themselves for NetLaw. You receive the commission on these referrals!


Client Registration

Leveraging the branded NetLaw landing page is a “softer” sales approach and affords your prospects more time to self educate and purchase on their own time.


Product Leads

Once a NetLaw plan is referred, stay in touch! When your clients create their legal documents they are presented with embedded marketing questions which results in new product leads!

Client Referrals

On average, 7 “key people” are designated in an estate plan. We encourage users to invite their key people to complete an estate plan. Once converted, you receive a potential new client and the referral commission!

Start the Conversation

Over 60% of Americans do not have a Last Will and Testament. You are in a great position to educate your clients and prospects on the importance of having a complete and up-to-date estate plan. The NetLaw Step 6 Web Application makes it even easier to help your clients and build your business.

Add Contacts

As you encounter new business prospects, begin with a conversation about estate planning. When you identify a new lead, add them as a contact in the NetLaw Step 6 Web App.

Agent Landing Pages

Start the conversation and educate your leads. By adding contacts, you will invite leads to your personalized landing page designed to educate and close the referral. Your leads can watch the NetLaw overview video, download an estate planning quiz/worksheet and register for NetLaw from the comfort of their home.

Product Leads

When completing their estate plans, we will ask targeted marketing questions related to life insurance, investments, retirement, etc. When your clients answer “yes, I want to discuss life insurance”, we will let you know. These are new product leads.

Client Referrals

Encourage your clients to complete their estate plan. The peace of mind that comes with having one’s affairs in order is contagious and word of mouth is a powerful sales tool. When completing an estate plan, a person typically designates on average, 7 “key people” (executor, successor executor, guardian, etc). NetLaw encourages users to invite their key people to complete an estate plan. When they register and pay for a NetLaw account, you receive the commission and the new client lead!