The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and your older kids are (finally!)

headed back to college. In all the hectic activity, it’s easy to neglect a task that if

left undone, could prove disastrous (I’m not referring to washing their sheets). The

fact is, most young adults have not prepared crucial legal documents that are

absolutely essential if the unlikely happens.


First and foremost is a HIPAA authorization. This simple form grants you (the

parent) access to their medical information. Just because you pay their insurance

premiums and tuition doesn’t allow you access to their private healthcare data –

remember, the state says they’re adults (childish behavior notwithstanding). Five

minutes now can save you countless hours later petitioning a court just to find out

their medical condition.


Next, unless you want that same judge deciding whether you’re entitled to make

their medical decisions when they can’t, it is imperative to prepare a healthcare

surrogate designation (sometimes called a medical power of attorney). It takes just

a few minutes now to avoid major problems down the road, by granting you the

decision-making authority needed in a crisis.


Finally, there’s a living will. This is the document every legal adult needs to

stipulate what medical care they do (and more importantly, don’t) want in the

event they become incapacitated and can’t make their wishes known.

The good news is that technology has simplified the process of obtaining these

documents, especially from companies like NetLaw. Our simple, easy-to- use

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